Adding and editing users

There are a few ways to manage user access to your portal.

Adding users

There are 3 ways to add new users:

  • Create New User
  • Invite User
  • Batch Upload Users

To start, make your way to the Users page by selecting Users from the top left navigation button. From there you can choose from these three actions using the Action button on the right side of the navigation bar.

When a user is invited, they go into a Pending User state. To see a list of pending users, click on the Pending Users tab in the centre of the navigation bar.

Editing users

To see or edit a user's details, search for them on the Users page. Once they are found, click on their name, or hover over the result and click the three vertical dots on the right hand side. 

From there you can:

  • edit the user's details,
  • set their password,
  • enable or disable their log-in,
  • change their type, and
  • view a list of their enrolled courses or groups (if you have groups in your portal).

For more information on user types, check out our support page here.