Adding/enrolling learners to your team

In this guide we will walk you through how to add/enroll new learners individually and in bulk. You'll have your team learning in no time.

What is a learner?

A learner is a person, a member of your team that needs to complete security awareness training. Every organisation is made up of a number of learners. 

Why do I need to enroll people?

Enrolling simply means adding a new person to your team within SafeStack Academy. These people will become learners and be invited to complete courses you have purchased as part of your subscription.

The more people you have in your organisation, the more people you will need to enroll as learners. Thankfully, we have three ways to get this job done.

Finding the Users menu 

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your account
  3. Choose "Team" from the "My Account" menu at the top of the page. This will take you to the team management section.
  4. Click on the "Users" button to see your options for adding and removing new learners from your team.
  5. From this menu you can:
    1. Add a single user
    2. Add multiple users
    3. Upload users from an external file (csv).

So how do we add(enroll) our new learners. It all depends on how many you want to add at once. The following guides will explain your options for adding individual and groups of learners.

How to add (enroll) a single new learner

  1. Choose "Add one" from the Users menu.
  2. A pop-up form will appear, asking you for the details for your new learner. These are as follows:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
  3. Complete the form and click "Add user" to create your new learner and send their invitation.

How to add(enroll) multiple new learners

  1. Choose "Add multiple" from the Users menu.
  2. A form will appear with a row for each unassigned seat you have remaining. This form will ask you for the details for details for each of your new learners.  These are as follows:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email Address
  3. Once you have completed this form for your new learners, click the button "Add and Invite Users". This will add your new users and send out their invitations via email.

How to upload new learners using a csv file

If you have more than a few new learners to add at once, then you will probably want to upload your new learners using a csv (comma seperated value) file.

  1. Choose "Upload file" from the Users menu.
  2. Click on the link "Download a sample csv file" to download an example comma-seperated value file for you to use.
  3. Once the file has downloaded,  navigate to your file download location and open the sample file. 
  4. Complete the columns with your new learner details and save your file as .csv on your computer.
  5. Once you have completed your file, go back to the Team Management page and the "Upload file" option on the Users menu from step 1 of this guide.
  6. Click on the option "Add and invite users".  Please note that your remaining seat allocation will be listed on this window. You will need to have enough seats for the learners you wish to upload.
  7. Click on the button "Choose a file" and use the file window to choose your .csv file from step 4 of this guide.
  8. Once you have chosen your file, click the "Add users" button.
  9. Once successful, you will be returned to the Team Management page. A green banner will be displayed showing that your upload has been successful. You will also notice your  new learners are now listed in your team and your seat count has been updated.