Managing your team

If you are managing your team, it's likely you will want to grab a list of all your enrolled users from time to time. Here's a quick guide to get you started.

What is a team in SafeStack Academy?

A team within SafeStack Academy refers to a group of people from your organisation, enrolled on the same program(s).  

Unlike teams in your organisation which might be from specific roles or functions, people in SafeStack Academy teams could be from anywhere in your organisation. They are united by their enrollment in the appropriate security awareness program for their needs.

Your organisation may have a single team if every person needs the same training and program. Alternatively they may have many teams, each with a different subscription and set of training - if they have varied needs.

Why is it important to manage your team?

Actively managing your team is the key to making sure you are getting the most from your SafeStack Academy subscription. It is the central point where we can make sure our learners are enrolled, give access to their accounts and check on their progress.

What is a learner?

A learner in SafeStack Academy is a person who needs to complete or participate in a security  training program.

What is a group leader?

A group leader is the leader of the team. They have permission to add and remove learners from the team and monitor the progress of the team as a whole. They may also be a learner.

How to view your team

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your account
  3. Choose "Team" from the "My Account" menu at the top of the page. This will take you to the team management section.
  4. The team management section is the central place to manage your learners.
  5. On this page you will see the following:
    1. Seat Allocation - The number of seats you have purchased as part of your subscription and the number you have current assigned to people.
    2. Enrolled Users - These are the people or learners you have added (or enrolled) in SafeStack Academy. 
    3. Group Leaders - These are the people you have assigned extra permissions to. These people can help you manage your training program and support your learners.

      highlight-manage team
  6. From this page you can take a number of actions. These include:
    1. Enrolling new users (either individually, in groups or from an uploaded file)
    2. Viewing reports about your users and their progress
    3. Adding new group leaders to assist you with managing your awareness program and subscription.

Switching between teams

If you have multiple subscriptions to different courses you will have a separate team for each. Each team has their own list of learners and group leaders, and a learner may belong to several teams and therefore have access to several courses.

To switch between your teams, visit the Teams page and select the "Group" from the dropdown box highlighted below. If you only have one team, this dropdown box will appear as static text.