What is a Leader Pack?

Leader Packs are crammed with useful information for helping to make course content more actionable within the context of your own organisation

This content is designed for Group Leaders in our Security and Privacy Awareness Program.

To go into more detail about Leader Packs:

  • It's a one-page PDF document
  • Gives a high-level overview of course content
  • Contains suggested types of company-specific information that could be paired with the course to make the learning even more context-specific for your team
  • Contains links to useful articles on trusted and accredited websites. These articles are mostly sourced from official government CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) or Cyber Security Centre websites.

Leader Packs are emailed to Team Leaders when a  new Security Awareness course is launched. If you are wanting a Leader Pack for a specific course and can't find it in your inbox, please email us at support@safestack.io and we can send it to you.