Subscription payment options

This article will show you how to manage your invoices, payment and billing information


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Users with Purchaser Role

The next step is to set up your payment method and billing information

• Here, you will be able to enter your card details, re-activate your account or request an invoice.

You can access and manage your subscription through the Subscriptions menu option. 

2. Select Invoices, Payment and Billing Information

3. Open the Billing portal
- SafeStack partners with Stripe for simplified billing

  • Here you will be able to view your current plans, programmes and invoice history.
  • You can manage your payment method as well as your billing information.

4. Payment Method

  • Here, you will be able to manage your payment method 
  • Enter in your card/payment details and select Add to save your payment method

5. Billing Information

  • Select "Update information" to manage your billing information