Managing your Managers

You have the ability to modify the permissions for the Manager user type to fit your organisation's setup.

The Manager user type is typically be assigned to a team leader, or a group lead.  This user type has the ability to manage learner groups, including enrolling and un-enrolling existing users.

Setting up a Manager user

First the user has to be created or invited. Once set up, you can assign them their Manager permissions. You will need to set up their group membership as well as any groups that are responsible for managing.

Start off with navigating to the User page using the top left navigation button. Search for the user, and go in to edit their details. On the top right, select Actions and Change Type to set them to a Manager with the permissions you need. More information on this process can be found here.

Then you can move on to set up the groups they manage.

On the Groups tab for that user, you can set:

  • Group Membership
    Take note that when you add a user to a group, you enrol that person to all courses that are available in that group.
  • Groups Managed
    The Manager will be able to manage users and run reports in their assigned groups based on given permissions.