Office Hours - Lab Help

Online office hours meetings are included as part of all our paid Secure Development memberships, offering a chance to talk with our team about what you’re learning or any particular secure development challenges you’re working through.


Office Hours bookings are available only to subscribers of our Secure Development program on Team and Enterprise plans.

What we can help with

If you’re wondering what you can use office hours for, here are some ideas.

  • You’re stuck on how to implement a new concept or technique you’ve learned.
  • You could do with a live explanation of a lab exercise.
  • You have questions about what you’re learning, and it would be helpful to talk them through.

We’re here to help and would love to chat!

How to book an Office Hours session?

  1. Log into the learner platform at 
  • Head to the help and support tab, which will bring up the Office Hours booking calendar
  • Go ahead and book a suitable session time.