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How SafeStack Academy can help you meet PCI DSS compliance requirements

Learn about how courses in our Security Awareness and Secure Development programmes can turn your team into PCI DSS superheroes.

In our courses, we cover PCI DSS compliance requirements including:

  • Understanding information security
  • Protecting stored cardholder data
  • Developing and maintaining secure systems and applications
  • Testing security systems and processes

What is PCI DSS and why is it important?

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and organisations need to meet this standard if they’re handling credit card data.

The objective of PCI DSS is to protect card data from threats and to minimise data breach risks.

By meeting PCI DSS requirements, you’re making sure you’re accepting credit card payments and handling cardholder data in the right ways, and you’re keeping your business and customers safe.

We’ve created SafeStack Academy’s PCI DSS content based on our hands-on experience of helping teams navigate PCI DSS compliance. We promise our courses will help you do the same.

How can SafeStack Academy help?

By joining either or both of our SafeStack Academy programmes, you’ll get the following.

Security Awareness programme

Budget friendly security awareness training for your whole team, with new courses every month.

Secure Development programme

Ongoing training that helps your development team build and maintain secure systems and applications.

We deliver a new course every quarter, and we issue digital badges for each completed course, proving learners’ achievements.

Both programmes offer easy-to-use reporting, so you can see how your team is progressing.

Which SafeStack Academy courses help with PCI DSS compliance?

Security Awareness

  • PCI DSS – The Compliance Basics
    Learn essential PCI DSS information as well as some good security practices to help you uphold your organisation’s PCI DSS compliance.
  • Getting Started With PCI DSS
    Learn why it’s important to understand how your organisation handles cardholder data, and how to work out which systems are in the scope of a PCI DSS audit. We cover the objectives of the PCI DSS standard, the 12 requirements for achieving compliance, and a prioritised approach method.

Secure Development

  • Security Fundamentals For Software Development
    Learn some of the key concepts that underpin security and why they matter when it comes to protecting our systems and applications.
  • Finding & Fixing Application Security Vulnerabilities
    Learn how to understand, identify, and avoid common software security vulnerabilities in your code.
  • Threat Assessment for Software Development
    Learn the skills you need to carry out threat assessments throughout your software’s life.

Find out more about our programmes at academy.safestack.io