Portal licences

SafeStack help you manage the total number of users, or licenses, your portal has.

When your organisation is initially set up, SafeStack assign a max number of licenses, or users, you can have. If you ever find yourself hitting that limit, you are always welcome to reach out to SafeStack support for help.

Viewing your total license count

For Security and Privacy Awareness, there is currently no way to view the license limits. This is because we share a copy of the courses your organisation uses so we can create a custom programme for you. You are always welcome to ping us using the chat bot, or send us an email to check on your limit at any time.

For Secure Development, these are licensed courses and therefore you can see the limits and total count. To view this, use the top left navigation button and go to Courses. From there, you can see a list of courses, along with the total licenses purchased, used, and available.

Increasing or reducing your total license count

If you need to increase or decrease the total accounts, reach out to us via support@safestack.io. We can make this change quickly!