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Improvements on SafeStack Academy

We've changed how the courses in SafeStack Academy's Security Awareness programme are organised, which will make it easier for us to make ongoing improvements to your learning experience.

The benefits of this new structure include:

  • For leaders: Being able to clearly see completed and passed courses, and filter out any courses that aren't applicable to your organisation.
  • For learners: Being able to fully complete and see certificates for courses that are applicable to you. Plus, simplified access to materials like handouts.
  • For the future: Ability to remove or hide any courses from your learners that aren't applicable.

The SafeStack Academy platform looks a bit different now that we've made these changes, so we've put together this article about what to expect and what to do if you run into any problems.

What to expect

We've moved from having an overarching Security Awareness Fundamentals course that has topic-focused modules within it, to each of those modules being its own course.

This changes what you see when you use SafeStack Academy, and what's different will depend on whether you're a Learner or a Leader.

Learners will notice changes to their Courses page, and Leaders will notice changes to their Learner Progress Report page.

For Learners: before the change

This image shows how the Courses page looked for Learners before.



There were two courses, which were the Security Awareness Fundamentals course in Te Reo Māori and English.

When you clicked into a course, you saw the different modules within it. 

For Learners: after the change

This image shows how the Courses page looks for Learners now.


You'll still see the Te Reo Māori version of the Security Awareness Fundamentals course.

Below that, you'll see the content that used to be modules within the English version now displayed as standalone courses.

You'll also see the change reflected in the number of courses and certificates listed at the top of the page.

For Leaders: before the change

This image shows how the Learner Progress Report page looked for Leaders before.


You could see the two versions of the Security Awareness Fundamentals course, with the different modules within each one.

For Leaders: after the change

This image shows what Leaders will see on the Learner Progress Report page now.


The content that was in modules before is now listed as standalone courses.

Need some support?

All of your team's course data would have been migrated, however mistakes do happen. We're here to help if you find anything isn't working as expected after the change, or if you have any other questions.

You can live chat with us from the SafeStack Academy website or email us on support@safestack.io.