What is SafeStack Academy?

SafeStack Academy provides online subscription based cyber security training for organisations of all sizes. In this guide we explain the types of training we provide and what to expect from your programme.

Welcome to SafeStack Academy! If you’ve reached this article, you probably want to know a little more about us.

Our programmes

We provide two types of training.

  • Security Awareness. Bite-sized modules to help your whole team build their cyber security knowledge and skills. As an optional add-on, we also offer Spotted, our simulated phishing service. Spotted creates a safe and supportive environment to test learners’ response to suspicious emails and reinforce their Security Awareness training.
  • Secure Development. Technical training for teams that design, develop, and manage systems. This training is flexible for all levels and team sizes.

All our training is designed by experts with up to the minute knowledge, so you can be sure your people are learning everything they need to know to stay safe and secure online.

SafeStack Academy provides training programmes, not courses

A training course is a single, one-off learning activity. It normally covers a single subject and once it’s completed, you're done.

When it comes to cyber security, we have a responsibility to make sure we’re updating our skills regularly as the world around us changes. This means we often need a programme of training that tops up our skills as needed — not just a single course.

SafeStack Academy provides training programmes. This means we share training modules and courses throughout the year, which are designed to build a set of skills and approaches that empower people to stay safe.

Security Awareness modules are released monthly, and Secure Development courses are released quarterly — so your team stays consistently focused on security and keeping their skills up to date.

SafeStack Academy helps you plan and manage your cyber security awareness programme

If you’re a smaller organisation subscribed to our Security Awareness training, we’ll help you create and run your cyber security awareness programme by providing the following each month.

  • Details of the next module to be released, including the topic, key messages, and key actions
  • Suggested activities, as well as articles to read and share with your team
  • Suggested tools and controls your team can use to turn this new module into new behaviours.

SafeStack Academy’s learning community helps you build a security culture in your organisation

If you’re subscribed to our Secure Development training, your learners will become part of the security community we’re helping to build and cultivate.

Every Secure Development membership includes access to:

  • Hands-on labs, where learners can explore concepts and test their knowledge.
  • Monthly Champion seminars, where learners can interact with each other; or monthly private Guild seminars, where your team can focus on how topics apply to the specific context of your organisation.

Why is SafeStack Academy subscription based?

Cyber security training is an ongoing part of managing security risk for our organisations. It takes effort and a continued programme of activities throughout the year.

SafeStack Academy consistently releases new and updated content to support these programmes. Because we provide content in this way, a subscription based model makes sense.

Our subscriptions are annual, so your subscription covers membership to your chosen programme for one year. For each year you subscribe, you’ll get new materials, courses, and guidance. 

At the end of each year, you can renew to keep accessing the programme and upcoming materials. Alternatively, you can cancel, in which case you’ll no longer have access.