What's included in the Security and Privacy Awareness programs?

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Courses are between 5 and 12 minutes long and available to all learners.

New courses are released regularly throughout the year, covering a range of topics and behaviors, so the list below will be out of date soon!

All courses are interactive, and our Cyber Secure Choices series lets learners explore different cyber attack scenarios, changing the story’s direction with their actions.

Security Awareness

  • Avoiding ransomware
  • Cyber secure choices: Invoice redirection
  • Cyber secure choices: Ransomware
  • Data classification
  • Data handling
  • Incident response for everyone
  • Introduction to risk
  • Keeping your devices secure
  • Password security
  • PCI DSSGetting started
  • PCI DSS: Compliance basics
  • Personal security for managers and leaders
  • Phishing, vishing, and smishing
  • Security for people who don’t work in offices
  • Security for remote working
  • Security incidents
  • Sharing data and documents securely
  • Social engineering for customer-facing roles
  • Staying safe on social media
  • Staying secure in your workplace
  • Staying secure when you travel
  • Understanding security news

Privacy Awareness

These courses are created together with Simply Privacy and are available as an add-on to our Security Awareness program.

New Zealand

  • Introduction to privacy
  • Principles of the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020
  • Managing privacy breaches
  • Privacy for data processors


  • Introduction to privacy
  • Collecting personal information
  • Securing, using, and disclosing personal information


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