Adding seats

With the Purchaser role, you can manage subscriptions, including adding and removing seats for your team.

What is a Purchaser?

The Purchaser is a user responsible for performing actions related to billing. Purchasers can manage subscriptions and add new seats

How to view Subscription details

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your account
  3. Choose "Settings > Subscription" from the left-hand side menu.

The subscription section is the central place to manage your current subscription seats. 

On this page, you will see the following:
  1. Programs - These are the programs you have subscribed to.
  2. Total Seats - The number of seats you have purchased as part of your subscription.
  3. Total Cost Per Year - Each program's yearly subscription cost.
  4. Unoccupied Seats - Seats available for new learners.
  5. Manage Programs - Add/Remove learners from a program(s) as required.
  6. Billing - Please Note: Only users with the Purchaser Role will have access to billing and payment information.