Learning paths

You can use learning paths to create a customised learning programme for your organisation.

The SafeStack Academy 'Security Awareness Fundamentals' programme contains a number of individual courses.  Each course highlights a different aspect of security awareness.

You can set the order in which your learners enrol in the courses and progress through them by using a learning path. A learning path allows you to select a customised bundle from the 'Security Awareness Fundamentals' course.

This can be helpful if there are parts or teams in your organisation who need specific courses, like PCI DSS basics, but these don't need to be rolled out to everyone.

Setting up a Learning path

Only Admins can create and manage learning paths, and only Admins can access and run the learning path report. If you want to set up a learning path, but don't have anyone in your organisation set up as an Admin, contact us at support@safestack.io and we can help you out.

Let's step through the process:

Enable learning paths for your portal

Learning paths are not enabled by default. As Admin, you need to enable them for your portal.

  • From main navigation, go to Settings >  Courses > General Settings.
  • From Content Settings, Toggle Enable Learning Paths.
  • Save to finish.

Create a new learning path

  • From main navigation go to Courses, from secondary navigation select Learning Paths.
  • From the Action menu, select Add New L.Path.
  • Enter a learning path name and keywords.
  • Click Save to confirm.

Learning path completion logic

As Admin, you choose one of 2 ways for learners to complete a learning path:

  • By completing all courses
  • By completing or passing a certain number of the courses > indicate the number of courses.
  1. From the learning path's Info page, choose secondary navigation Courses > Path Completion Requirement.
  2. From Path Completion Requirement, select an option, and enter a number of courses to complete or pass, if required.
  3. Save to finish.

Note: You can change this setting freely while the learning path is in draft status. After you publish the learning path, changing this setting requires archiving the learning path, and creating a new one. 

Adding courses to your learning path

With the learning path completion logic set, you can assign courses to this learning path.

  1. From the learning path, choose Courses from the secondary navigation.
  2. Select Add Courses to Path.
  3. In the Add Course dialogue, search and select published courses to add to this learning path.
  4. Select Add to confirm.

To add more courses after this initial selection, select Add Courses to Path again.

Please take note that once a learning path is published and learners have started on their courses - most of the options related to courses in a learning path become restricted. 

Changes to a published learning path may result in learners losing their progress!

If you require assistance setting up a learning path or need assistance with making a change - we are happy to help!  Please reach out to our Support team via support@safestack.io, and we can assist you.

Set progression rules

If your learning path requires learners to complete all courses, following learning path completion logic, you set your progression rules.  These rules determine how quickly learners move from one course to the next. You apply the rules by course, rather than to the learning path.

  1. From the learning path, select Courses from secondary navigation.
  2. Choose a course, then select More > Set Progression.
  3. From the Enroll in Course menu, choose one of the following options:
    • Immediately: enrol the learner on this course immediately when enrolling on this learning path.
    • If previous passed or failed/ if previous completed: delay enrollment on this course until the learner passes or fails a Knowledge Check or completes a Knowledge Check.
    • On a specific date: enrol the learner on a specific date, chosen from a calendar.
    • Days after path enrollment: enrol the learner a specified number of days after the learning path enrollment is created.
  4. Save to finish.

Publish a learning path

The learning path is ready when you have added all the required courses, and set their progression rules.

  1. From main navigation, go to Courses.
  2. Learning Paths > your learning path.
  3. From the action menu, select Publish Path.
  4. Click Save to finish.

Once again, please reach out to us at support@safestack.io  if you require any assistance with learning paths.