Learning Paths - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Learning Paths

"Learning Paths" is a feature included in our Teams and Enterprise plans. 

Learning paths allow Group Leaders to group courses together to focus their teams on specific topics. There are many ways to group courses, such as compliance standards, job roles, or simply by the different teams in your organization. Below we listed a few common questions related to Learning Paths.

The Manage Users page only shows the default paths

The Manage Users page will list the Programs, not the learning paths. The Manage Users area allows you to assign programs (Secure Development, Privacy, and Security Awareness) to users. To enroll a user in a custom Learning Path, you should go to the Learning Paths page and edit the Learning Path to include a user (more information here)

How to enroll a learner in an existing Learning Path

You should edit the path and add the learner during "Step 3 - enrollments". More information is here.

When a Path is deleted, would the learner's progress be lost?

No, the course completion is associated with the program, not the path. Deleting a Learning Path won't delete the user's progress.

When a course is part of multiple paths, will the course completion be carried over to all of them?

Yes, when completing a course, the result is valid for the program itself, not the path only. So if multiple paths include the same course, the completion of the course in one path will show in all the other paths.

Can we create a learning path combining multiple programs?

No. Creating a learning path combining the Secure Development courses with the Security Awareness courses is not possible. If your team needs this, we suggest the Group Leader creates two learning paths for the learners: one with Secure Development courses and another with Security Awareness courses.

Is Learning Paths available for Free plan subscribers?

No. The learning paths feature is only available on Teams and Enterprise plans. If you'd like to upgrade your plan to access this feature, you can do it through the platform or contact our sales team.

Would you still need some help?

Check out our blog post to find out how Learning Paths can help you make the most of your training. You can also visit our knowledge base to get started with Learning Paths.

Couldn't find your answer or need further assistance? Send a message to our support team.