Learning Paths

Curate the content that your team sees and set them on a path to meet their learning needs and your organization’s training goals.


Learning Paths is a feature included in our Teams and Enterprise plans. 

What are Learning Paths

Learning paths are a way for Group Leaders to group courses together to focus their teams on specific topics. There are many ways to group courses, such as compliance standards, job roles,  or simply by the different teams in your organization.


Types of learning paths

There are two types of paths:

  • Default paths - SafeStack program in its entirely
  • Custom-made paths - You're free to design the learning 

The SafeStack default paths include the entire catalog of courses for each program we offer, but they can be edited to provide a more guided approach with learning paths.

Custom Paths provide the flexibility to select courses from our catalog and create your own learning path tailored to your group's specific needs.

Learn more about Learning Paths:

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