Using Learning Paths to engage your team

Learning Paths can help you manage your team's journey, keep them engaged, and focused on their learning goals.

Learning Paths is a feature included in our Teams and Enterprise plans. 

Security training is a journey, now you can pick your path! Your organization will have different goals when it comes to learning. These could be:

  • Getting new hires onboarded, and making sure they have a good starting baseline of knowledge
  • Setting up training programs for specific roles or teams 
  • Supporting a group of security champions 
  • Meeting compliance requirements such as PCI DSS or ISO training requirements

Tackling these goals and keeping your team focused on the right learning can be challenging. That is where Learning Paths can help. With Learning Paths, you can curate a list of courses to meet any goal you might have. You can create a path for each learning goal you and your organization have, and enroll any number of your learners in them.


Curating your own path has the added benefit of:

  • Removing the noise from the learner’s view. When they log in, they will see all the learning that they need to complete.
  • Keeping the team focused. As a leader, you can control which courses go into a path and who is enrolled in each path. This keeps the team focused on the training that is most important to meet your organizational goals.
  • Meeting compliance requirements. If your organization has to ensure a specific group of learners complete specific training, learning paths can be set up to make managing this easier for you. 
  • Setting clear priorities for the team. You can control which courses should be completed and in which order. This makes it easy for all learners to know where to start - beginning with the important, foundational learning and moving up into more advanced topics.

With Learning Paths, you are free to design the best path for your team. If you are looking to get started with creating learning paths for your organization, we have a list with a few recommended paths.   

Still need help?

Check out our blog post to find out how Learning Paths can help you make the most of your training. You can also visit our knowledge base to get started with Learning Paths.

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