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Bulk user import (Bulk invite learners)

This guide will walk leaders through the steps to bulk invite learners to your team.

You must be a Group Leader to your team to follow the instructions below and invite learners to your team


  1. Group Leaders - Log into the learning portal.
  2. Select "Manage Users" in the left-hand side menu to manage your team
  3. Ensure you have enough available seats and select "Bulk Invite Learners."
  4. Select the appropriate programs for your learners and click next.
    - Privacy
    - Secure Development
    - Security Awareness

  5. Enter the emails of all the learners you'd like to invite (comma separated). You can enter a maximum of 50 emails at a time. 

  6. Click next, confirm the details and send out learner invitations.

Still need help?

If you are having issues inviting users, please reach out to our support team.