How do I cancel my subscription?

This article will guide you through the cancellation process

Why would you need to cancel your subscription?

Life is full of change. Sometimes we change our minds and want to try something else. Sometimes our circumstances change, and we are forced to change other parts of our operations as a result. Whatever causes you to change your mind about SafeStack, we understand.

We will never make it hard to change with us, even if that means saying goodbye.

When your paid plan expires

Your account won't be deleted automatically. Your subscription will be downgraded to our Free Plan - Which means you will still have access to our platform, although with limited seats, course restrictions and no access to our community. You can compare our plans here

How to cancel your subscription

If you prefer not to be downgraded to our Free Plan and would like to cancel your subscription, please email our friendly customer support team who will help you cancel your subscription. 

Giving us feedback

If you have cancelled, we will reach out to you via email to find out more. We would love to use this moment to gather any feedback you might have and explore any additional ways we could have supported you.