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Reporting on your learner's progress

This guide will show you around these reports and explain how to get the most from them.


Individual reports are available to Leaners. Group reports are available to Group Leaders only.


There are many reasons why you might want to find out how your team is doing. SafeStack includes a range of reports to help you stay up to date.

Why do you need reports?

Remember when you were small, and your teachers would send home a report card to your parents? They didn't just do that to create fear in small children. Reports are a powerful tool for measuring where you are and planning to improve further.

What are the benefits of reports?

Reports give us a simple mechanism for viewing the status and progress of our learners. These reports can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Checking that compliance targets have been met
  • Nudging learners who may have fallen behind or not completed modules
  • Communicating progress to stakeholders and leaders

What reports are available in SafeStack?

Your Progress

The report shows your individual progress by course or Learning Path. These reports are available to all users with the Learner role.

Group Progress

The group reports show a team-level view of all learners grouped by course or Learning Path. Each learner is shown, including their progress status. This report is only available to Group Leaders.



How to view reports for your team

  1. Visit https://learn.safestack.io/ 
  2. Login to your account
  3. Choose "Reports" from the menu on the left-hand side of the page. This will show you the reports section for yourself and your team.

  4.  From this, you can choose the report you wish to run, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Download as CSV" button.

Still need help?

If your organization has specific reporting requirements that still need to be met by the existing reports, reach out to us, and we'll see what we can do to help.