What are digital badges?

We issue verified badges in partnership with Credly when you complete our Secure Development courses.

This article applies to learners of our Secure Development program. 

Digital badges

Digital badges are a way of recognizing the work you put into your SafeStack training and the knowledge and skills you've gained.

We've partnered with Credly to offer digital badges, so you can show what you've achieved. They're included in the paid SafeStack Secure Development membership

Find out more about our digital badges here.


Share your achievements 

Digital badges are an ideal way to include your achievements on professional profiles like LinkedIn, as well as on your CV. They're verified proof of your skills and knowledge when it comes to industry-recognized security practices.

If you're running a technical team, digital badges are also a credible way of demonstrating your team's training and qualifications.

How to claim a badge?

First, ensure you've upgraded to one of our paid plan. You'll be issued the relevant badge each time you complete a SafeStack Secure Development course. The badges you earned will be listed in the Certificate and Badges area.

You will also receive an email when you earn a badge. Credly will guide you in the process of accepting your badge. Here is their documentation on the steps to claim a badge.

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