Need help with labs?

You can get help via the lab page, the SafeStack Community or by contacting support

The information below is relevant to Learners of our Secure Development program.

Labs are a hands-on component of SafeStack Secure Development program, where you can explore concepts and test your knowledge.

Testing your understanding of topics is an important part of the learning process, but we can still lend a hand if you get stuck with one of our labs.

How to get help?


Each lab page will have a section on the right side with hints. As a hint, it won't give you the answer, but it will provide you with some ideas to explore


If you need more hints or even a walkthrough, you can use our LabBot. Our chatbot tutor is available as a chat bubble on the bottom left corner of the Lab page.


The SafeStack Community is a social learning environment where like-minded folks can ask questions, help each other, and connect over all things application security. It's available to subscribers of our Secure Development program on the Team plan. There's a dedicated space for labs help in the SafeStack Community.


If you're experiencing an issue with your lab and need assistance from our support team, do not hesitate to contact us.