Logins and Passwords

A guide to logging in and resetting your passwords

Login to the learning platform

You can log in or sign up for the learning platform by visiting https://learn.safestack.io/

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Signing Up

Enter your details to sign up for the learning platform and access the course content. You can sign up using your Google Single Sign On (SSO)

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Forgot Password

If you've forgotten your password, click the forgot password button and enter your email address. You'll need to follow the steps to reset your password. 

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You see a blank screen once logged in

If you see an empty screen once logged in, please complete the following steps to try and fix the issue:

  • Clear cookies, or enable cookies if they haven't been enabled
  • Please use a supported browser (we support Edge, Chrome and Firefox)
  • Ensure Javascript is enabled
  • If you use a VPN, please ensure the domains Safestack uses are whitelisted (learn.safestack.io, learn-safestack-io.au.auth0.com)

Once all the above steps have been completed, please log out and then log back in.

If after trying these steps you still have issues, please contact our support team