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In this article, we'll walk through the various features of the learner dashboard

Once you've logged in, you will be presented with the learner dashboard. The dashboard menu contains the various features of the learning platform.

Depending on your <user role>,  you will see different dashboard menu options.

  • Purchasers can view and make changes to subscription and billing information.
  • Group Leaders will be able to view and manage their team's learning progress
  • Learners will be able to view and manage their learning progress

The Dashboard consists of the following menu features, which we'll go through in more detail below:

Show me around

Before you start your first course, we recommend you take a tour with us and explore the features of the SafeStack platform.  Click on the SHOW ME AROUND button to see where your courses are and where to go to see notifications and certificates.



The notification button - the bell next to the logout button - shows our updates on seminars, course releases, and new in-app features.

You can see new and viewed notifications.


Click on the notification to see a pop-up message with more information



Learners will see their Learning Paths on their dashboard, which contain courses that your group leaders have picked for you to complete by a given date. Learners will also see their progress across all their learning programs as well as their most recently viewed but unfinished course.

Team leaders see their group's progress on the dashboard across all learning paths.

Learning Paths

The Learning Paths section is available for Group Leaders only.

The Learning Paths section allows Group Leaders to group courses together to focus their teams on specific topics. In this area, the Group Leader can create and manage Learning Paths. Visit our Learning Paths documentation to learn more.


Courses Catalog

In the Course Catalog section, you'll be able to explore all courses available for each program. You can filter the results to see the courses available to you and your team as part of your current program subscription. You can search and filter courses, including course statuses and descriptions.


Certificates and Badges

The Achievements page is available for Learners. It shows the certificates or Credly badges you've earned for completing courses

SafeStack Badges

Earn SafeStack badges for our Secure Development courses. These verified badges are issued in partnership with Credly and prove you’ve completed the courses. They’re shareable in email signatures or digital CVs, as well as on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Credly badges are available for Learners on paid Secure Development subscriptions.

SafeStack Certificates

Earn SafeStack certificates for our Security and Privacy Awareness courses. These certificates prove you’ve got at least 80% of the questions right in the quizzes at the end of each course.




The Reports page allows you to access and download progress reports for yourself and your group.

Group Leaders have access to manage individual and team reporting. Learners will have access to their own individual reports.

The reports show the completions on Course and Learning Paths level. Visit our help article Reporting on your learners' progress, to learn more.



The Seminar dashboard feature is only available to Learners of our Secure Development Program on paid plans.

In the Seminar section, you will find more details about upcoming seminars, registration links, and past seminar replays. The seminars included in your Secure Development program are designed to add to your learning and help you build a community of like-minded people with whom you can share challenges and approaches.

For more information about our Seminars, please visit the article What are seminars? 




This feature is available for Learners on paid Secure Development subscriptions.

SafeStack Community is a safe space to learn and interact with other Secure Development learners, curated and moderated by the SafeStack team

The Community button on your dashboard will take you to our SafeStack Community - our social learning environment where like-minded folks can ask questions, help each other, and connect over all things application security.

For more information and on how to join the SafeStack community, please visit:

Screen Shot 2022-09-13 at 12.34.07 pm


This Lab dashboard feature is only available to Learners of our Secure Development program.

Labs are a hands-on component of SafeStack Secure Development program, where you can explore concepts and test your knowledge.

Hands-on lab exercises accompany several lessons throughout this course. Each lab tests your skills and knowledge gained from the course.


If you need help with any of our labs, we offer hints or walkthroughs to help you complete them.


Get familiar with common terms used in our courses, what they mean, and their synonyms and acronyms - all with our search-friendly glossary. You can search the glossary and filter by keywords, definitions, and relevant courses.


Manage Users

The Manage Users area is available to Group Leaders only

This dashboard feature will allow Group Leaders to manage their teams.

You will be able to invite a new user, bulk invite learners, and manage their roles and programs.

For more information about managing your team, please visit the article Managing your team as a group leader.




The Subscription area is available to Purchasers only. In that section, the Purchaser will be able to access their billing portal to manage invoices and payment methods, and billing information.

The subscription section is the central place to manage your current subscription seats. The purchaser can see how many seats are being used and add new seats for each program.

Visit our support article about adding seats for more information. 



In this section, you can set your profile details. Please ensure your name is correct, as it will be used on all Certificates and Badges.


Help and Support

View the support options available on your plan.

In the Help and Support section, you can contact our customer support team. They're here to help you with the platform and account-related issues. 

Our customer support team is available during business hours - (Australian Eastern Standard Time)